Elaine McLaughlin

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist

"This was a performance that left you in a magical spell, with beautiful clarity and haunting melodies…brilliant."

– OpenMic UK 2015 Judges

"This music is really honest"

– Katie Martin, BBC

Grand Finalist - OpenMic UK 2015

Finalist - UK Songwriting Contest 2015

New to Adelaide, Australia, UK singer/songwriter Elaine McLaughlin is promoting her first EP 'Six More Days', an art-folk collection featuring cellist Judi Galbraith. Equally at home in large venues and intimate pub gigs, Elaine's music wowed audiences and judges at the OpenMic UK final 2015. It combines the emotional and lyrical intensity of the early Joni Mitchell with rhythmic underpinnings that appeal to fans of Psapp and Kasey Chambers. Her collaboration with Galbraith has opened her to new musical possibilities, and she is actively seeking musicians from other backgrounds to extend and lift what music can express.

"I want to create something which is poetic and emotive", she says, "—something that flows organically out of the unconscious. I have to dare to be brave when I go on stage, but there's something about voice and acoustic guitar, which, when the exact connection is made between the artist and the audience is like one moment in heaven. It begins with my life and emotions, but, if the listener is really touched by it, leaves them wanting to go out and pursue their own talents and passions. That's why I make music."

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Six More Days

Launched Saturday 21st May 2016

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